Thursday, 23 May 2013


Deforestation - outside Maldonado - Giles Crosse
Some hours outside Puerto Maldonado the extent of deforestation in this part of the Amazon basin becomes truly apparent.

Road to the future - Giles Crosse
In this part of Peru, one side of the forest lining this road is protected by law. The forest on the other side of the road is being decimated by goldmining, human incursion and destruction. Nothing more than a strip of tarman separates these opposing visions of how Peru's future forest might one day exist.

A sustainable alternative? Giles Crosse
On the protected side of the road, more sustainable options are apparent. Viveros, spaces set aside for sustainable soils and plant growth are visible.

Will goldmining and contaminated waters cover the forest? Giles Crosse 

Yet elsewhere, blue plastic shacks, mercury contaminated pools and skeletons of trees define the landscape

Non deforestation - Giles Crosse
Some hours further down the road, undamaged forests line the horizons. Though even these may be threatened by future hydroelectric projects.

Sunset at Mazuko - Giles Crosse
As ever, the Amazon offers up a bewildering array of images and possibilities. Those that will ultimately represent its future remain difficult to predict.

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