Thursday, 22 August 2013

Simple beauty

Giles Crosse
In the midst of poverty and pain, it is easy to forget the breathtaking diversity and scenery of Madagascar.

Vast mountains, desert plains stretching to the horizon and an array of flora and fauna are visible here.

Giles Crosse
Bountiful waterfalls rise to the skies, while spiders cast their webs across the flowing waters.

This is the nature that is at risk should expansion, mining or human greed, and potentially need, impact fully upon this most unique of island habitats.

Giles Crosse
Music, art and creation are so often forms best utilised to express the need for thoughtfulness regarding these matters. Malagasy dance, where dancers join and enter in and out of circles, may perhaps have something to tell us surrounding the oneness and returning nature of man and his environment.

Western writers too have input into these matters.

"It's a beautiful world
And when the city sleeps we go walking
We find a hole in the sky and then we start talking
And then we say "Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ
Buy us some time, buy us some time"" - Richard Ashcroft

There is still time left to look after ourselves and the planet bequeathed in our keeping.

Man's influence casts a long shadow - Giles Crosse

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