Friday, 12 April 2013

Day 16 - Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo, Giles Crosse

Puerto Viejo is the older area of Maldonano down by the river floodplain. The area often floods apparently. The vast majority of people here are living in relatively shanty accomodation, corrugated iron shacks, billboards, most things are put to some use in the bid to create a home.

Puerto Viejo, Giles Crosse

The people here smile, dance, greet you joyfully and seem incredibly cheerful and positive amid some difficult living conditions. Then again there was news of a shooting the other week where a gold miner was gunned down, apparently due to a tip off concerned a large amount of gold they were carrying. So the area certainly retains its dangerous side.

Puerto Viejo, Giles Crosse

And finally, a cool dude that was lurking in the windowsill....

Giles Crosse

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